Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hello readers (if I ever have any!)! :) I know, I know I have been out of the picture for a loooong time. I guess it's a mild case of Quarter Life Syndrome. Yes, it's kicking in already. Recently the pressure to succeed is growing so I decided to take a plunge - take a break and kind of figure out what to do. I figured it   all out - DO NOTHING. Do what you feel like doing, Caeyo. 

Times are really different now. Back in early 2005, blogs serve as a cyber diary. Now a days, it's all about taking pictures, getting sponsors and other commercial stuff. I have no qualms about it. Just saying. I think I also got stuck in the same rut (but I'm not one who'd take daily pictures of my outfit because my lifestyle doesn't allow me to do so! harhar!). 

Now, if you ask me why I posted a picture of Kate Moss.. I love her. I love that she's matured and still out there. She has built a very good career out of her downfall back then. Resilient if I may say. At 27, I'm lost but I want to swim with the current.. not sink because of it.


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