Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blush for Sunburnt Skin

Lovely Me:EX from the Face Shop; NYX Blush from Pretty Goddess; Covergirl Cheekers from Ebay

These were the blushes/bronzer that I've worn when I had my skin burnt from hitting the beach. I wanted my skin to look glowing minus the heavy glitters and highlight. 

Lovely Me: Ex blusher is a sheer orange tone blush. It's not that visible by itself. It tends to slide off my face after a few hours so I had to layer it on top of the NYX blush in Summer Peach. The 2 when blended well gives off a healthy glow. Loves it! 

The covergirl cheekers bronzer has been with me for more than a year now. Love that it emphasized my being "burnt" in a good way though it tends to look orange-ish when it's overdone. 

Now that my skin has somehow recovered (but yeah.. it's still darker than before.. and surprisingly, I like it!), I've changed my blush routine- which I will share next time. :P


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