Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Books about Mango and Zara?!

Denim dress from Local Celebrity Manila; White shorts from Market Market!; Bag from The Landmark

Because Monday was declared a holiday, I took the opportunity to visit High Street and dropped by at Fully Booked. I was looking for a gift for my friend and I stumbled upon a book about Mango - the clothing brand. It's amazing because a few minutes later I saw another book about the Inditex Fashion Group (Zara)! 

Oh gosh, if only I trusted myself enough that I would finish reading that book (I've a bunch of unfinished books to read - one of which is about saving money and investing. However, the more I read that book, the more obsessed I have become in shopping! Guess what? I stopped reading it.).

The Mango and Zara book is still on my mind. I wonder if Forever21 has a book as well? 


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