Monday, May 13, 2013

The Fashion Blogger Poses

One of the reasons why I don't like taking pictures of myself is because I feel awkward in front of a camera (especially if I know that I am to put the pictures in this blog - not that a lot of people are reading this).  So here I am, in front of my laptop.. searching for "do-able" poses. Yes, the famous fashion blogger poses.

While researching, I stumbled upon an article that points out a lot of "Do's and Don'ts" - some of which are funny but true. Nowadays, do we really have to follow a set of rules when it comes to expressing ourselves when it comes to taking pictures and blogging(Hint: Expressing)? I thought blogging is a way to express ourselves (whether the outcome is awkward or not). What do you think? 

Here are some photos that I got from Pinterest. You've probably known these 2 girls (songofstyle and atlanticpacific). I'm loving their effortless poses.


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