Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fashion Friday - Scarf Day!

Shirt from Market Market! / Scarf from Market Market! / Shoes from Charles & Keith / watch from Gucci / Gold Bracelet and Necklace from Pot of Gold

My colleagues and I agreed to agreed to have a themed Fashion Friday to spice things up in the office. The first theme was Scarf Day! Yey!
I felt uneasy that Thursday night because I had no idea of what to wear. The weather was also unpredictable so I thought I had to be careful when picking out my outfit. I didn't want to wear a thick scarf under the heavy sun. haha! It's a good thing I found this old scarf that I got from Market Market! It was so old that there were little holes already. The fabric of the scarf was light and the colors were lovely - that actually gave me an idea to use it as a skirt. 
It took me a few trials before I finally figured out how to make it work. I saw a tutorial online about it I just can't figure out what the exact website is.
I'm glad that my Scarf Day went out pretty well without having to spend anything. I have to be more creative and resourceful when coming up with my outfits these days. There's just so many bills to pay and so many things I want to buy. haha! But you know, scrimping on fashion and knowing when/what/what to buy actually pushes me to create more unique outfits. 

Next Friday is Belt Day! 
How would you wear your belt? ^^


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