Friday, June 14, 2013

Pencil Skirts and Fridays

This is how I feel every Friday! Ecstatic that the week is about to end and dreading that Monday is about to come again! There are a lot of things I enjoy every Friday. First, I get to go home earlier than usual (but yeah, my sadist self tells me to still extend my work hours). Second, I get to wear what I want and free myself from the fashion rules of the corporate world. Third, I get to stay up at night and do whatever I want. *wink*

I see skater skirts being sold everywhere. They're cute and I own a few BUT since almost everyone wears them now a days, I prefer to go back to the basics and wear a pencil skirt. I bought this colorful pencil skirt from The Landmark. If you're looking for cool fashion items that are at an affordable price then The Landmark is the place to be. Word of caution though.. there are a lot of trendy items to be seen. Mmm.. would you rather be called Stylish or Trendy? 

Shirt from Market Market! / Skirt from The Landmark / Shoes from Australian / Necklace from Potofgold

I prefer Stylish. ^^


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