Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thoughts: Copycat Friend

Photo from Pride Mag
I was brushing through some articles when I read about a girl complaining her copycat friend. We all had that  experience right? A friend copies your clothes, your hobby, your hairstyle and just about everything. I had a friend who copies almost everything about me. I wore some sky high heels and next thing I know she was wearing the same pair too. I started wearing my hair in a bun and hours later, she fixed her hair in the same way too. I used to wear a certain brand of lipstick and the next time we met, she started collecting them too. "Chill" that's what I told myself. I was also a copycat back in my student days.

People only copy things that are pleasing. Cliche as it is, imitation is a sincerest form of flattery. We really don't have to sweat it. It is frustrating to see someone rock your style but you can take the situation as a means to improve yourself. If someone is copying you, it just means that you are AHEAD of your game and you have good taste. Think about all the celebrities/fashion bloggers who were crowned as icons. If people weren't copying them, they wouldn't be given such a title.

As for me, I eventually stopped copying my friend. Now that I think about it, in my case it was sometimes unconscious. Since we are really good friends, we always hang out and I really admire her. When I started working, I began to know what I like/preferences and started developing my own style. I still experience being copied at from time to time but I try to brush off the annoyance. Fashion and makeup trends can be copied but style and elegance are something personal.


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