Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Skinny Way

Hi I'm Cleo, 27 years old and I think I'm getting fat! WAAAAH! :O
Well, I really think I am gaining weight and I love and hate it at the same time. I love it because I feel like when I dance, my moves are less stick-awkward (that look when a super-skinny-fleshandbones-person dances and instead of looking graceful all you can see is a stick person moving? you know what I mean?). I hate it because some of my clothes don't fit me anymore (a blessing in disguise because I have a very good excuse not to wear our outdated office uniform! bwahaha!). 

Because of this recent dilemma, I thought of going on a diet. Probably not eating rice or skipping dinner. BUT NO. I can't. I just can't. Food makes me happy. It gives me energy to last my 8:00-6:00pm job so I can't. Instead of doing this, I chose to cut off on somethings that I know is not good for my body.

First - No junkfood. This is a hard one because I'm surrounded with people who loves to eat the yummy/bad stuff. 
Second - No Soda. This is easy. I'm not really a soda drinker. I prefer water over anything else (except coffee!). Soda makes me feel bloated and gassy. It's the number one source of unwanted "belly fats" or kung pinoy ka - bilbil! :P
Third - Drink more water! I try to increase my water intake daily. I'm guilty that when I'm at work, I sometimes forget to drink water. Sometimes we think that we are hungry when in fact our body is just giving us a signal that we are just thirsty. So before I dive in to eating the not so healthy stuff, I drink water first and wait for a few minutes. If I still feel hungry then that means it's the real thing.
Fourth - Hungry? Snack on the raw stuff. The only fruit that I find fulfilling to snack on is Banana. I'm not really fond of sweet things so I don't really enjoy snacking on apples, grapes or even mangoes (unless it's green mango!). At home I sometimes snack on raw carrots. It's yummy! :)

Don't think about the word DIET. Yup! It's weird but I feel like it's such a negative word - a word of deprivation. I'd rather hear the words EAT HEALTHY. It's a good reminder that you have to be wary of what you eat - are you eating the good or the bad stuff? 

For me remaining lean is all about eating what's healthy and avoiding processed food. I think of it this way: Anything man made may contain the bad stuff - the artificial and processed stuff that makes you feel sick, bloated, unhealthy, etc. While anything that God made is the skinny way - fresh veggies, fruits, dairy, meat. Eating is all about moderation and so does every other things in life too.  


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