Sunday, September 8, 2013

Relaxed Friday OOTD

Shirt from my mom / Pants from St. Francis Square / Watch from Aldo / Shoes from Charles & Keith
There are days when you want to relax and not think about what to wear. Last week was not so good to me. I had a bad case of arthritis and wasn't feeling that productive but as a responsible (ahem! Boossss!!) employee, I tried my best to carry out my responsibilities. My wrist is feeling a bit better, thank God! I thought I'll never get to blog today.

Our Friday Ootd took a rest because one of my colleagues took a sick leave and so I took advantage of this free day to wear anything I want and that day I wanted to wear something more relaxed. I took out this old pair of red jeans (the last time I wore this was last December!) and borrowed my mom's graphic tee. I love how red and gray matches together. Black and Red seems to be too over the top while White and Red is a bit to bright for me. The gray shirt tones down the color of my pants. Didn't feel like thinking of what shoes to wear so I opted to wear my gray staple pumps from Charles & Keith. Love this pair! It's practically my go to shoes now a days.

What's your relaxed outfit like?


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