Sunday, December 8, 2013

Musings and Texts

Hello! I know I've been missing in action but the truth is, I never really stopped writing. They're all saved in my laptop waiting to be posted (still thinking if those should be posted). I have always liked writing and most of them are about how I perceive things. It's therapeutic for me.

Because I've left you hanging on my post, I'll be sharing with you one of my musings. :)

“In the real world outside of academics, something more than just grades is required. I have heard it called "guts," "chutzpah," "balls," "audacity," "bravado," "cunning," "daring," "tenacity" and "brilliance." This factor, whatever it is labeled, ultimately decides one's future much more than school grades.” ― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick Tock. I can hear this hushed sound of the clock as if telling me that my time is up. 3 years to go before I reach the big 3-0. If my life can be viewed as a continuum or a ladder, I would probably be back in the first step.

2 years ago I was already half way up the staircase. It was a tad bit early and my young soul has gone somnolent. I think I was going too fast. My eyes were set on the prize – that big dream of sitting in a leather chair behind a dark mahogany desk wearing a corporate suit that matches the dimness of the room. I was almost there.
My years were spent speeding in the rat race. Arts were almost forgotten. The word leisure sounded so foreign. I had a timeline. I was on track. I was almost there.

One day I woke up and found that I lost myself.
I stopped and without thinking, I shifted tracks. It was a slow one – so slow that everyone does not seem to be moving. “Flow with the current” I hypothesized after seeing the situation. I stopped moving. I stopped thinking until my soul danced with stream of things.

Little did I know that when the soul danced too much, one loses its acuity.

Now I wonder why these were never taught in school: Why success is relative to everyone or why at one point in your life you feel like life’s just not good enough?


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