Saturday, January 11, 2014

Changes This Year

Polo from Calvin Klein / Shorts, Belt and Bag from the Landmark / Necklace from Forever21 / Shoes from Payless 

Do you believe in having a new year resolution? If so, can you actually keep it? I don't believe in keeping a new year resolution because I like to change my mind every now and then. It's a struggle to keep it plus guilt knocks me off whenever I fail to commit to it.

Normally I'd start the new year slowly and realistically. I reassess what I've done for the previous year and what I'd want to do in the new year. I'm changing my approach now. I would like to simply have fun this 2014 and lift up my desires to GOD.

I know I sound like a nun. 2013 was just great and I was really blessed in all ways. I was given the opportunity to teach belly dance (even though there are others who are far more better than me!), got in touch with old friends, blessed with very understanding bosses, and was given a Top Performer Award just before the year ended. 

It was so overwhelming that I had to look back to see what I did to gain all these good things. Then I remembered one thing - I reconnected with GOD. I am not a rosary/bible hugging type of girl. In fact, there are a lot of doctrines of the church that I don't agree with but I pray to him everyday. It's nothing formal. It's more of like having a conversation with a friend (one that will let me down). I guess that helped a lot. Having faith in him and trusting that the future is filled with unexpected and positive things.

I'm turning 28 in a few weeks and this year all I want to do is to maximize my being young. Be healthy. Help others. Work Passionately. Have quality time with my family. ^^


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