Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's go in circles -- Art Circle Cafe

If you're going to ask me to choose between Starbucks or a humble cafe, I would definitely choose the latter. So when my and a friend discovered Art Circle Cafe at UP Diliman, we couldn't resist trying out the interesting stuff in their menu (if only it was payday.. I guess we would've tried out more!). 

Art circle Cafe is located at the Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman. I thought the place was just a gallery. There were beautiful paintings and antique trinkets that can be found inside the store.

I love the cozy ambiance. You can even dine at the patio while enjoying the view of the field. Love the view, the service was good (too bad I forgot to get the name of the food attendant) and the food is good (Must Try: Pasta Negra and Hazelnut Coffee).

Polo from Tiendesitas / Belt from my mom / Jeans from St. Francis Square / Shoes from Nava / Bag from Parfois


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