Sunday, February 16, 2014

MAC Lickable and Russian Red

I read in a magazine years ago that it's not practical to spend so much on lipsticks since their formula (even though they came from different brands) is almost the same. So I tried to veer away from lipsticks that cost more than a thousand pesos. Last Christmas, I was gifted my very first (yes!) MAC lipstick in Russian Red and boy I got hooked! After that, I was lucky enough to receive another one from MAC which is Lickable.

I don't know why but I get the most compliments whenever I wear these MAC lipsticks. Apart from the color of these 2, I love the fact that the lipstick itself is sturdy. I have dropped them on the floor (imagine how I freaked out when that happened!) and (thank GOD!) they're still intact.

MAC Lickable

MAC Russian Red

I am a lipstick kind of person. I can ditch the blush, mascara, bronzer but I have to put on a lipstick. These past few days,  I have acquired this windburn and I had to stop wearing anything on my lips. Gawd, I can't wait for it to heal. I miss having a bright lippy look. ^^


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