Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Take the Leap of Faith (Inspired by Sophia Amoruso)

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"Now, in retrospect, I was probably the Salvation Army’s worst customer because not only was I sneaky, but I also haggled. ‘This sweater has a hole in it,” I’d say after marching up to the counter. “Can I get 10% off?” Even if it was only $5, it was worth it to me. I looked at every article of clothing in there, on every rack. So germaphobes, beware: I got to be a success by touching every single thing in the thrift store. I paid $8 for one of those Chanel jackets, and sold it for $1,000. The other one I sold for $500, and then I still went back and haggled some more. That’s part of why it’s so hard for me to hire people. I’m shameless. I was willing to try to cut a deal at the Salvation Army. What are you willing to do to succeed? " (Source: Refinery29)

 I have always admired young women who took the leap of faith and started their own business. In our society (or probably where I live in), we are brought up by our parents to study hard, graduate from school and find a good job in a big ass company. It has always been this way for me and being an obedient daughter yeah right!?, I took all their advice only to find out at the age of 28 --- it's still better to be your own employer. 

Darling, you didn't stay up late to get those high grades or worked your butt off for a thesis defense just to nod your head in the corporate world. You have your mind, you are free to decide and you don't owe anything to anyone else (especially not to your boss!). Your purpose of living is not to work for the money. You work to live a life that you want.


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